Exposed Fasteners

5V Exposed Fasteners

Traditional five “V” metal roofing profile used for generations.

For generations, 5V metal roofing panels have been used on farm buildings and other rural metal roofing projects. Today, many homeowners have recognized that the timeless design of the 5V metal roof panel is ideal for residential metal roofs as well. Our 5V metal roofing panels are especially popular in Florida and other coastal areas where the durability of the 5V metal roofing panels are MasterRib House tested by the weather. The 5V metal roof panels are designed with an enhanced “U” over “V” profile to provide5V Exposed Fasteners maximum leak resistance.

5V Metal Roof Panel Gauge Options: Utility, 29, 26 5V Metal Roof Panel Finish Options: Painted Grades Lifetime 40Year Unpainted Grades: Acrylic Coat Galvalume, Galvanized Metal Roofing Panel Warranties: 40 Year Paint Warranty 25 Year Galvalume Warranty


  • Exposed fastener panel for roof and wall applications

  • 3:12 minimum recommended roof pitch.

  • Suitable for solid decking or open frame.

Substrate and Coatings:

  • Economy, 29 and 26 gauge high strength steel

  • Anti-corrosion AZ50 Galvalume coating for painted and AZ55 for unpainted steel. Economy grades use a galvanized coating

  • 45 Year and Lifetime Siliconized Modified Polyester Paint System

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