Exposed Fasteners

MasterRib Exposed Fasteners

Most popular 5-rib metal roofing panel for residential and post-frame applications.

MasterRib Exposed Fasteners Metal Roofing panel is an industry leader in strength and durability. This popular and versatile metal roofing panel features classic looks and is installed in a wide range of applications including roofing for residential, commercial, and post-frame buildings. MasterRib metal roofing panels were designed with extra-wide ribs to increase strength and ease handling and roof installation. Another unique feature of the MasterRib metal roofing panel is the extra-large siphoning channel on the under-lap rib installed to provide extra leak resistance in the presence of extreme windMasterRib Exposed Fasteners and rain loads.

Metal Roof Panel Gauge Options:

29, 26

Metal Roof Panel Finish Options:

Painted Grades

Metal Roofing Panel Warranties:

40 Year Paint Warranty
25 Year Galvalume Warranty

Color Chart

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Color Chart

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