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Decra Shingle XD

Decra Shingle XD
Decra Shingle XD

Decra Shingle XD while the lower initial cost of heavyweight shingles makes them popular, the need to replace them every 10-12 years nullifies the expense advantage. While shingles may be a cost-effective option for short-term, budget-constrained projects such as flipping an older, lower market house for profit, they are rarely an option for the elegant home which is intended to be sustainable, low-maintenance, centerpiece of the estate for decades.

DECRA metal roofing shingles feature thick-cut edges to provide the same dimensionality of a heavy architectural shingle. The lightweight characteristic means that the need for a complete tear-off of the existing roof material isn’t necessary in many cases. Protective layers and a unique DECRA interlocking system add shear strength and wind resistance. Click here to see some of our installations of Decra Shingle XD.

Decra Shingle XD
Decra Shingle XD

All DECRA roofs are backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty, covering 120 mph winds and hail up to 2.5 inches in diameter.

Rich Appearance of Thick-Cut Shingles

Robust, thick-cut DECRA Shingle XD provides the bold look and distinct shadow lines of heavy architectural shingles in a lightweight roofing profile that can withstand the elements. Metal roofs have a lifespan that is 2-3 times longer than traditional roofing materials like asphalt. As the lightest roofing material on the market, DECRA Shingle XD can eliminate the need for a complete tear-off of the existing roof, saving time, labor, and expense for roofing remodels and upgrades.
DECRA Shingle XD stands up to hail, rain, fire, storm debris, and even hurricane-force winds while providing the same aesthetics of asphalt shingles.

DECRA Shingle XD Specs

Product Size: 14-1/8″ x 52-3/8″
Installed Exposure: 12-1/4″ x 49-1/2″
Panels per Square: 23.8 per 100 sq. ft.
Panels per Pallet: 280
Squares per Pallet: 11.8
Pallet Weight: 1,719 lbs.
Installed Weight: 150 lbs. per 100 sq. ft.
Installation Method: Designed to be Installed Direct to Deck

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Interlocking panels and the strength of steel provide unsurpassed
strength against the elements

• Wind Warrantied up to 120 mph
• Hail Class 4 Impact Resistance (Highest Rating)
• Fire Non-combustible Class A Fire Rated Material
• Snow & Ice Non-porous, freeze and thaw resistant

DECRA’s Shingle XD selection is available in a broad range of colors and adds a rich appeal to traditionally styled homes that require the look of heavy-cut shingles with the exceptional durability of stone-coated steel.

A Product of DECRA

BCI Transferable Warranty

BCI has always been known for our amazing installation and warranties we offer. But we go a step further. BCI Roofing also gives the homeowner a (1) time transferable warranty. This simply means if you ever decide to sell your home after BCI has installed a new Metal or Shingle roof, then any warranty you have on the roof will also transfer to the new homeowner. This is a huge benefit to you, the seller as well as the buyer. In many cases, this has actually helped a homeowner sell their current home.

BCI stands behind each and every roofing system installation and always offers the best in products and warranty. You can rest easy knowing that with BCI your roof is covered for many years to come, even lifetimes!

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