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Introduction to Roofing: What You Should Know

A roof protects the home from external influences like rain, snow, storms, et cetera. However, it also serves as an aesthetic appeal for the home. When your roof is looking good, it attracts a lot of people to your home’s beauty. At some point, you will need to change your roof or renovate it. You need to know some important things about a roof. This guide will help you.

What makes up a roof?

A roof consists of some basic components that make it sturdy and long-lasting. These components include:


A trim protects the seam of your roof along the ridge.


Made up of wood or metal, rafters act as support for the shingles. They form the shape of your roof. If they are too tall, your roof will also be tall, and vice versa.


An underlayment helps to further secure your home alongside the roof. They are waterproof and ensures that water or snow does not pass through into the home.


Shingles can be made from different materials, and they help to protect your roof from the weather. Shingles are measured in squares, and a square is equal to 100 square feet.


Drainage allows your roof to get rid of water. You measure it using the slope of the roof, which is determined by the run.


Also referred to as the deck, they are the sheet materials attached to the rafters and cover your home.


It is installed on the joints of your roof to protect the roof from water damage. It was flashing seals all spaces in the joints from harsh weather conditions.

You need a professional to install your roof for a perfect piece of work. You can invite Metal Roofing Eastern NC or Metal Roofing Wilmington NC to help you. You can also reach out to Metal Roofs North Carolina for your roofing project.

Other things to know about your roof

  1. Your roof’s ventilation

Aeration is essential to the health of your roof. Without constant and regular air, your roof will be infested with molds. It will also mean that your house will gain more heat without losing it. You need to make sure you have good ventilation if you want your roof to last long.

  1. Its last repair date or installation date

You should know when last your roof had to undergo a repair or renovation. It keeps you informed and alert as to the state of the roof. Older roofs or regularly repaired roofs will require more monitoring. You always have to be alert for leaks or even replace them, as the case may be. All types of roofs have their lifespan, so if yours is nearing its end, you should know.

  1. The fireproof rating of your roof

The fire department has a fire rating for several materials. This rating is founded on their resistance to fire and fire-related incidents. The classes are A, B, and C, with class A having the highest resistance to fire and class C having the lowest. Wood, for instance, is a class C material, while metal is a class A roofing material.

  1. The pitch and slope of your roof

It is from the pitch of your roof that you will determine the type of shingles to use. When you have a low pitch, you should use a steel material. You can also use a very waterproof material. For a medium pitch, you should use asphalt and composite shingles to construct your roof. Wood or slate shingles are best for a high-pitched roof.

  1. Type of shingles

Shingles are crucial to a healthy roofing system. And each type has its durability and lifespan. You should always know the type of shingle you use for your home. This will help you to keep track of its durability and strength. It will also help you predict the death day of your shingle, that’s if the winds do not kill it off.

There are several designs you can utilize for your roof. Some include the gable wall, centerline of ridge, valley, eaves, valley, or hips. Building a roof is no easy task, but you can make your experience memorable with the right personnel. . You can also reach out to Metal Roofs North Carolina for your roofing project.

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